Eminent Domain Case

The team at Robertson, Johnson, Miller, and Williamson is committed to resolving disputes to the fair and reasonable satisfaction of all parties through the process of binding arbitration.

A case of eminent domain (property condemnation action) filed by the State of Nevada Department of Transportation against a landholder (Case No. CV06-1306; Second Judicial Court of Nevada) sought to assume a portion of strategic property for the I-580 Freeway Extension Project. Weighing the public benefit against the client’s interests, an agreement was reached on the property forfeiture with a compensation of $5 million to the landowner. After capitulation on the land reduction, however, the legal team at Robertson, Johnson, Miller & Williamson further held the government agency accountable for multiple sets of valuable water rights attached to the property.

The NDOT disputed the action and both sides committed to binding arbitration to settle the matter. As a result, the attorneys at Robertson, Johnson, Miller & Williamson won an award of $9.2 million for the water rights plus an additional $6 million for their client covering all fees, costs, and interest in the action that lasted a total of seven years.