Trust, Estate & Probate Litigation

We advise and counsel personal representatives

Along with personal representatives, we work with trustees in the administration of estates after death of a decedent, including, where appropriate, probate proceedings and preparation of accountings. Our Firm also represents clients in disputes and litigation among heirs and beneficiaries of trusts.

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Assisting business owners and CEO’s with succession planning

Our estate planning services range from assisting business owners and CEO’s with succession planning, as well as individuals with their estate planning needs. One measure of the success of an estate plan is its strategic and financial strength. An equally important goal is for our clients to fully understand and feel comfortable about their estate plans. Robertson, Johnson, Miller and Williamson assists clients achieve both of these results by providing individualized counsel and in-depth knowledge of wealth management. We have assisted many families in developing estate plans that protect hard-earned assets and ensure their orderly distribution to loved ones and heirs.

We provide consulting and drafting services for various tools in estate planning

With professional integrity and dedication, we provide consulting and drafting services for various tools in estate planning, including wills, trusts (e.g., charitable trusts, living trusts, revocable trusts, etc.),living wills, powers of appointment and powers of attorney, as well as estate administration and probate issues. We assist with succession planning for closely held businesses, farms, ranches, and similar investments, seeking creative solutions to accomplish an efficient succession. We also assist clients in the implementation of charitable trusts, private foundations, and conservation easements. Estate planning tools such as durable powers of attorney and revocable trusts are used to assist our clients in avoiding the need for the court appointment of a guardian or conservator. We consider all aspects of a client’s diverse holdings including marital property and business, along with their personal directives and goals for wealth preservation. The structuring of sound asset protection and disposition plans is the focus of our wills, trusts and estates attorneys.

Our Trust, Estate & Probate Litigation Professionals

David Robertson

David Robertson

Mr. Robertson is the founding member of Robertson, Johnson, Miller & Williamson and currently serves…

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Anthony Arger's primary focuses are on civil and commercial law at the federal and state levels

Anthony Arger

Anthony’s legal practice focuses primarily on civil and commercial law at the federal and state…

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