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AT ROBERTSON, JOHNSON, MILLER & WILLIAMSON, OUR NEW ATTORNEYS are the future of the firm, and recruiting lawyers of extraordinary talent and determination is one of our top priorities. We believe personal satisfaction comes from finding a firm that offers supportive colleagues, rewarding work, integrity, and an environment in which you can flourish. We employ lawyers of intellectual distinction who also demonstrate leadership ability, a commitment to quality, excellent judgment and communication skills, and the ability to work well as a part of our team.

IN ADDITION TO HIRING ENTRY-LEVEL ASSOCIATES, we also seek exceptional third year law students, judicial clerks, and lateral associate candidates to meet our current staffing needs.

THOUGH OUR FIRM HAS NO PRE-ESTABLISHED class standing or grade point average requirement, we consider intelligent and highly motivated individuals who share our goals, values and pursuit of excellence in the practice of law, as well as strong academic achievement, legal writing and work experience. Robertson, Johnson, Miller & Williamson is a comfortable, but professional, and intellectually challenging place to practice law.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURSUE career opportunities with ROBERTSON, JOHNSON, MILLER & WILLIAMSON, we encourage you to submit your resume to:

Eileen Conners
Office Manager
Robertson, Johnson, Miller & Williamson
50 West Liberty Street, Suite 600
Reno, Nevada 89501
Telephone: (775) 329-5600
Facsimile: (775) 348-8300
E-mail: eileen@nvlawyers.com

PLEASE NOTE REGARDING CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: If you are not sending an email about a matter in which ROBERTSON, JOHNSON, MILLER & WILLIAMSON currently represents you, do not include information in this email that you or someone else considers confidential or secret in nature. Contacting ROBERTSON, JOHNSON, MILLER & WILLIAMSON through one of our attorneys or staff does not establish an attorney-client relationship and sending confidential information without such a relationship in place may not protect the confidentiality of that information.