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Water Law

IN NEVADA, WATER RIGHTS ARE PROPERTY RIGHTS, which may be purchased, sold and leased with, or separate from, the land on which they have been used. Unless grandfathered in, the rights to the use of water in the State of Nevada must be established through the water appropriation process administered by the State Engineer’s office. Disputes involving water rights can be complex and sophisticated, involving both state and federal legislation, emerging technologies and environmental concerns and requiring an understanding of business and commercial litigation, contracts, real estate, environmental law, and water law.

ROBERTSON, JOHNSON, MILLER & WILLIAMSON HAS substantial experience in this complicated area and represents individuals, farmers, ranchers, ski resorts, municipalities, industries, and real estate developers in their water rights needs involving: surface water, groundwater, water quality, acquisition, disposition, ownership, conveyances, permits, conditional water rights, agricultural use, irrigation, development, diversion, augmentation plans, drainage issues, treaties, interstate compacts, wetlands, and regulatory compliance. We handle water rights sales and purchases, adjudication of water rights, water quality issues, federal reserved water rights, changes in points of diversion, place and purpose of use, exchanges, water contracts, utility matters, water well permits, takings of water rights, rights of way and Indian water rights.

OUR ATTORNEYS ASSIST CLIENTS in advisory, regulatory and litigation matters involving water, the environment and natural resources. Managing water rights for municipalities, negotiating and contracting with private and governmental water agencies, complying with complex water and environmental laws, and competing for limited water resources are examples of the challenges that our clients face.

OUR FIRM HAS EFFECTIVELY REPRESENTED CLIENTS in matters before the State Water Resources Control Board, numerous Regional Water Quality Control Boards, the State Engineer’s Office, and other concerned state and federal agencies. Our attorneys are well versed in compliance and regulatory issues under federal and state water quality statutes and regulations. Our team approach gives you the highest quality legal services in this area.