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Condemnation/Eminent Domain

THE POWER OF EMINENT DOMAIN CAN BE EXERCISED by a wide group of authorities and involves a variety of issues. States, cities, political bodies, public utilities, and depending on the state, even pipeline companies may expropriate private property. ROBERTSON, JOHNSON, MILLER & WILLIAMSON attorneys have extensive experience in representing those who seek to use eminent domain as well as those whose property is sought to be taken in all phases of eminent domain proceedings.

WE HAVE COUNSELED CLIENTS ON challenging valuation issues for both developing and improved properties. Our team of lawyers and paralegals are well-versed in land use, environmental and government regulatory matters to best serve our clients’ needs throughout the evaluation process. We have considerable experience in helping clients resolve their eminent domain issues through negotiating changes to a proposed project in order to minimize the impact on the parties involved. We also call upon outside consultants, including independent appraisers, engineers, land planners, surveyors, accountants, economic impact experts, photographers and other professionals who provide their special expertise where necessary. Since compensation for a taking may include not only the value of the property, but also severance and/or business damages, other non-monetary possibilities should be considered, such as improved access, more favorable zoning, relocation of roads, additional public services and other enhancements.

OUR ATTORNEYS REPRESENT THESE ORGANIZATIONS, entities, and interested parties through all the stages of the fulfillment of eminent domain, from initial negotiations to successful resolution of appropriate litigation.