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Commercial Landlord/Tenant

AT ROBERTSON, JOHNSON, MILLER & WILLIAMSON, WE UNDERSTAND that commercial landlords and tenants have significant time and treasure invested in their properties and their businesses. As such, it is important that they have clear and strong leases which protect their legal rights and their respective investments. It is also important to have experienced and aggressive attorneys on your side who can act quickly to protect those rights when disputes arise. Our attorneys can assist you in ensuring these protections.

DUE TO THE DEARTH OF STATUTORY AND CASE LAW in Nevada governing the commercial landlord-tenant relationship, experienced legal representation is particularly critical to deal with the myriad of unique and complex issues. We represent a variety of commercial landlords from owners of agricultural and ranching lands, to single-building owners to a national REIT, and everything in between. We have experience in virtually all aspects of commercial tenancies, including negotiation and preparation of leases, lease reviews, negotiation and preparation of subleases and assignments, prosecuting and defending lease breaches, negotiation of work-out agreements, summary evictions, unlawful detainers, pursuit of lost rent and other damages through litigation or otherwise, lease terminations, and assertion of landlord liens and the assertion of common law rights of distraint.

WITH REGARD TO LEASE DISPUTES, we understand that you are in the business of leasing property or running an enterprise and not in the business of litigation. Accordingly, we strongly encourage, and actively seek, quick and creative solutions to any lease dispute. Sometimes, however, litigation is the only option and, in the event, we will be poised to aggressively pursue your objectives at a reasonable cost.