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Appellate Litigation

COMPLIMENTING OUR EXTENSIVE LITIGATION practice, Robertson, Johnson, Miller & Williamson offers a wide range of appellate experience in both the federal and state courts. Our attorneys have handled a variety of issues from private commercial disputes to far-reaching water law controversies. We represent a diverse group of clients, including those we have represented at trial and those represented by other counsel at trial, providing an innovative outlook and specialized expertise on appeal.

OUR APPELLATE LAWYERS have substantial experience not only in appellate practice and procedure, but also in a broad range of substantive legal issues including torts, civil rights, commercial law, construction, intellectual property, natural resources, environmental, public utilities, and real estate.

DURING THE TRIAL BRIEFING PROCESS, our attorneys frequently brief complex or dispositive matters at the trial court level. We add a valuable perspective at trial by participating in the development of strategy for the presentation and briefing of key issues, assuring that an adequate record is made, fashioning and writing compelling arguments on central legal issues for perfecting an appeal.

BECAUSE ORAL ARGUMENT is another key component of an appeal, our appellate attorneys are prepared to present the oral argument. In addition, our appellate attorneys have extensive experience in persuasive amicus briefing which can influence an appellate court’s determination of novel or particularly significant legal issues.